Sabari Vidyalaya

Event - Annual Ayyappa Pooja Celebration


Ayyappa Seva Samiti have been conducting traditional Ayyappa Pooja since last 39 years in Baroda, attracting thousands of devotees from all walks of life.

Lord Ayyappa is known as "Dharma Sastha" who is believed to be the son of the Sacred River Pampa. Since he was born adorned with a chain and a bell around his neck, he is called 'Manikantan', He is also called as 'Harihara Putra' because he was born as an off-spring of the reunion of Lord Vishnu as Mohini and Lord Shiva and thus took birth only to put an end to the Demon Mahishi, who was terrorising everyone living in the region that time.

Date / Time : 01/01/2001
Place : Baroda

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