Sabari Vidyalaya

Event - Black Belts of SABARI


Third Prize in Inter-School Patriotic Group Dance Competition organized by Refinary Employee Union & Sofia English Medium School.
• Vadodara Municipal Corporation honoured.
(1) Raj Mrugesh (X.A) for excellent performance in state level Karate
(2) Biju Nair (XII.B) for excellent performance in state level athletics in triple jump.
• FIRST PRIZE in interschool patriotic group song competition (secondary section)
• SECOND PRIZE in interschool Patriotic Group song competition (primary)
FIRST PRIZE in interschool Debate competition on ‘Should Mercy Killing be allowed?’ by kaushalya Rajpurohit (XI.A) organized by Jalaram Trust.

Date / Time : 01/01/2001
Place : Sabari

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