Sabari Vidyalaya
Annual Lesson Plan for JR. KG

Annual Lesson Plan_2018-2019_Junior.Kg.

Sabari Vidyalaya

Pre-Primary Section

Annual Lesson Plan for Jr .Kg.


1st Semester from June 2018 to September 2018



Book:- Grafalco Pre-School Print

Capital & Small Letters

  • Aa-Zz oral Revision
  • Pattern Writing | Standing line -- Sleeping Line \ ,/ , slanting line in four line notebook
  • Capital & Small alphabets in Grafalco
  • Alphabets Tt, Ll, Ii, Hh, Ff, Ee, Vv, Ww, Aa, Nn, Mm, Xx, Yy, Zz, Jj, Pp, Bb, Dd, Cc, Gg, Oo, Qq, Rr, Kk, Uu, Ss,
  • Aa-Zz in order in note book
  • Match the Alphabet
  • Write the Correct Alphabet
  • Circle the correct small Alphabets
  • Circle the correct capital Alphabets
  • Dictation



Book:- Grafalco Pre School Numbers 1-20

  • 1-50 Oral & Recognition
  • 1,7,4,9,5,2,3,6,10,8 in Grafalco Pre School Numbers Book
  • 1-10 in order in Grafalco book and in note book
  • Circle the correct number 1-10
  • Count & Match 1-10
  • Missing Nos. 1-10


General Knowledge (Oral)

Book:- Grafalco pre school G.K. & Conversation

  • Parts of the body                                     Page no 3
  • Colours & Shapes                                    Page no 4
  • Days of the week & Months of the year     Page no 5
  • Myself and My Family                               Page no 6
  • Fruits                                                         Page no 8
  • Vegetables                                             Page no 9
  • Domestic Animals                                   Page no 10
  • Wild Animals                                          Page no 11                                      
  • Some more Animals                                Page no 13 (Omit Question  

                                                                                            and Answers)

  • Birds                                                     Page no 14

Omitted My School and My Classroom page no.7 and Young Ones page no. 12


Project work :-

In last week of the month - (draw/paste any five pictures in the diary).

  • July – Parts of the Body
  • August – Family Tree
  • September – Colours with objects


General Conversation (Oral)      

  • What is your name?

My name is ______________ .

  • What is your father’s name?

My father’s name is _____________ .

  • What is your mother’s name?

My mother’s name is ______________ .

  • What is your auto / van driver’s name?

My auto / van driver’s name is ______________ .

  • In which class do you study?

      I study in Jr. Kg. ______ .

  • What is your school’s name?

My school’s name is Sabari Vidyalaya.

  • What is your Class Teacher’s name?

My Class Teacher’s name is ____________ .

  • What is your Supervisor’s name?

My Supervisor’s name is Mona Madam.

  • What is your Principal’s name?

My Principal’s name is Bindu Madam.


  •  Pairs:




bread -butter




Book:- Rhyme and Rhythm 2

  • My Daily Prayer                                     Page no 1
  • Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear                          Page no 2
  • Mummy and Daddy                               Page no 3
  • Ten Little Fingers                                  Page no 4
  • An Elephant                                         Page no 6
  • Jack and Jill                                         Page no 7
  • Fish alive                                             Page no 8
  • Polite words                                         Page no 10
  • Cook Some Vegetables                         Page no.11

II semester from October to February /March Revision


Book :- PopKorn Alphabet Writing

  • Cursive writing : l, t, h, i, c, o, e, a, d, g, q, p, n, m, u, v, w, x, y, z, b, j, k, f ,s, r   cursive a-z in order  in note book
  • Three letter words for Name the Object :

rat                                               lip                                             pot


bat                                             den                                            log


mat                                           ten                                             bun

pin                                             leg                                             sun


nib                                             dot                                             hut


Dictation Words

dad              bed               kid               dog               nut

man              wet               fig                box                tub

jam              hen               hit                joy                run

  • Dictation will be taken from cursive alphabets and above given words
  • Match the Alphabet
  • Match the Rhyming Words
  • Handwriting from Recto Phonetics Pre-Primer Book.
  • Reading Three Letter Words from Recto Phonetics Pre-Primer Book.

(Omit Read aloud words and exercises)



  • 11-50 in order in note book & Grafalco Pre school numbers
  • Missing numbers 11-20
  • 51-100 in Oral & Recognition
  • 1-50 in order in note book
  • Count and Write 1-10
  • After number 1-10
  • Before number 1-10
  • Between number 1-10
  • Draw the objects for the given numbers 1-10

General Knowledge (Oral)

  • Flowers                                                      Page no. 15
  • Vehicles                                                     Page no.  16
  • Community helpers                                     Page no. 17
  • Cleanliness                                                 Page no.  18
  • Good habits                                               Page no.  19
  • My Birthday Party                                       Page no.  20
  • At the zoo                                                  Page no.  21(Omit Question  

                                                                                                 and Answers)

  • At the park                                                Page no. 22(Omit Question  

                                                                                                 and Answers)

  • At the Circus                                              Page no. 23(Omit Question  

                                                                                                 and Answers)

  • Toys                                                          Page no.  24
  • Opposites on cover page

Project work :

 In last week of the month – (draw/paste any five pictures in the diary).

  • Oct- Flowers
  • Nov – Traffic Signal
  • Dec- Community Helpers
  • Jan – Shapes with objects
  • Feb- Opposites

General Conversation (oral)

  • What is your address and phone number?
  • How many students are there in your class?

          There are ___ students in my class .

  • How do you come to school?

          I come to school by _______ .

  • Which are the festivals you celebrate?

          Holi, Christmas, Idd, Pateti, Onam, Diwali and Uttarayan.

  • Which are the three main Seasons?

          Summer, winter and Monsoon.

  • What is our National Flag called?

          Our National Flag is called the Tricolour.

  • How many lights are there in the traffic signal?

          There are three lights in the traffic signal.

           Red, Yellow and Green.

  • Which is our National Anthem?

           ‘Jana Gana Mana’ is our National Anthem.

  • Which is our National Song?

           ‘Vande Matram’ is our National Song.

  • How many meals do you have in a day?

          We have three  meals in a day.

          Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.



1) I am a boy/ girl.

2) My name is _______.

3) I am ______ years old.

4) I study in Jr. Kg. ______.

5) My school’s name is Sabari Vidyalaya.

6) My best friend is _____________.

7) I love my school.

8)I live in Vadodara city.



Book:- Rhyme and Rhythm 2


  • Baa, Baa Black Sheep                         Page no.12
  • Tailor, Tailor                                       Page no.13
  • My Red Balloon                                  Page no.14
  • Ding Dong Bell                                   Page no.16
  • The Snail and The Mouse                    Page no. 17
  • Christmas Bell                                   Page no. 18
  • Drops of Water                                  Page no. 20
  • Little Green Mango                            Page no. 21
  • All By Myself                                     Page no. 21
  • Wee Willie Winkie                              Page no. 21




Book List of Jr. Kg.


1 PopKorn - Alphabet Writing Cursive Small Letters

2 Grafalco Pre-school G.K. & Conversation A (Grafalco)

3 Grafalco Pre- School Craft A (Grafalco)

4 Grafalco Pre- School Drawing B (Grafalco)
5 Grafalco Pre-School Print Capital & Small Letters (Grafalco)

6 Time to Rhyme B (Three Star Publications)

7 Grafalco Pre School Numbers 1-20 (Grafalco)

8 Recto Phonetics Pre-Primer (Recto Education)



Note books

  • One big note book of four line - 200 pages for English
  • One big note book of Square line - 200 pages for Maths



Books to be collected and kept in the School:

  • Grafalco Pre-School Craft (A)
  • PopKorn - Alphabet Writing Cursive Small Letters
  • Grafalco Pre-School Drawing (B)
  • Grafalco Pre-School Print Capital & Small letters
  • Grafalco Pre-School Number (1-20)



  • Please send all the books and note books duly covered to the school. Write your child’s name on the first page of the book also.
  • Please send diary to school every day.
  • Please ensure that your child should wear identity card daily to school. Bus children should wear the bus card daily.
  • Please send your child in clean uniform.
  • Please see that your child should cut nails regularly and keep them clean.
  • No Classes on the last day of every month.   

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